About Us
Encore a Boutique Resort
After the resounding success of Residency Lake Resort, BramhaCorp Hospitality creates another icon of heartwarming hospitality in the Mulshi region. Encore – A Boutique Resort has all the hallmarks that resonate with the brand ethos of BramhaCorp Hospitality. This newly unveiled property epitomizes our vision and dynamism. It truly marks a major milestone on our inspiring journey of delivering delight to our discerning guests.
Your stay is made impeccable at Encore with luxurious accommodations that provide an amazing view of the majestic Sahyadri's and the lush greenery surrounding it.
No matter the season encore is the perfect retreat for your next relaxing vacation.
Luxury by the Lakeside​
A 1-hour drive from Pune will bring you to the wonderful world of Encore – a Boutique Resort. Surrounded by the rolling green hills and valleys of the Mulshi region, it’s a lake-front property where every single room offers a sweeping lake view. Nestled in the cocoon of the mighty Sahyadris, Encore –a Boutique Resort is a blissful, enchanting retreat miles away from the chaotic city life.